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What are your future plans and future career goals?

The quickest and best way to find out information about a candidate for a company is during the interview. Most likely employers will question you on your career plans and future goals. This means that a job seeking person needs to have an idea how to answer these questions even...

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Choosing a career: How do I decide?

Trying to figure out your career path today can be very confusing for many people. There are a lot more choices and options as compared to people looking for a job in the past. This wide selection leads to higher chances of choosing the wrong job for you. For the...

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Bad Bosses

I think many of us can relate when we talk about having a bad boss. A new research concluded that people don’t leave their work because of being overworked, they leave because they cannot handle their superiors. Here is how to handle a “bad” boss in 3 simple ways: 1-...

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Stand out from the rest of the candidates!

This week on EnergyPower Lab, let us look at the ways that we can be differentiate ourselves from the rest. The job market is getting more and more competitive by the year and it is becoming increasingly challenging to stand out from others. It is safe to say that there...

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