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How bad is the skills gap?

The skills gap in the energy industry stems from two sources, creating a risk management crisis for human resources teams. Since the onset of the 2010s, the average age of energy professionals has been rising, in 2017 it is 59. Back in 2010, the estimated number of senior professionals expected...

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Is Your Resume Being Read By The Right People?

It’s no surprise when candidates hear the discouraging news that most resumes go straight into the trash or delate folder. Many applications submitted through online systems never even make it to human eyes thanks to applicant tracking systems that search their documents for matching keywords. If the candidate’s CV doesn’t...

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New Year, New Career?

New Year’s resolutions might be why you’re looking for a new job, but on the other side, employers are also looking for new applicants each January. The New Year is a perfect time to flesh out new career opportunities – the excitement of Christmas is fading, people are back at...

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How to Make the Most of Your Recruiter

By going through a recruitment agency you’ve already taken the first step to getting your foot in the door of your dream company without wasting hundreds of hours applying to online positions. More often than not recruiters have exclusive access to delivering candidates to companies and the most selective positions...

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Company Culture

Are you more of a London executive, Nordic laid-back, or West-Coast techie when it comes to office culture? Finding the right company culture is a key aspect to ensure you’ll be happy with your new career. Of course, you don’t have to be best friends with your co-workers but finding...

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Candidates Phone Interviews

Today phone interviews are the most common first interview unless a candidate is already in the city. Due to the highly specific needs of many positions, companies are conducting global talent searches to find the perfect match. First interviews over the telephone might seem intimidating for those who don’t love...

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