Bad Bosses

I think many of us can relate when we talk about having a bad boss. A new research concluded that people don’t leave their work because of being overworked, they leave because they cannot handle their superiors. Here is how to handle a “bad” boss in 3 simple ways:

1- Try to understand who your boss is…
Put yourself in your boss shoes and try to understand the world as she or he might. What kind of pressures does she deal with on a daily basis? Who is his superior? What is expected of him? How does he measure success and failure?
When you have an idea of how your boss is driven, you can better understand his concerns.

2- Don’t give in!

Stay professional, and focus on your own personal brand. Whatever the case is, you will probably reach a boiling point. Always remember to watch your mouth and try not to take things to personal. While it might be easy to just resign and walk out to teach your boss a lesson, don’t let your integrity be undermined. If it gets really bad, inform HR.

3-Stand up to your bully… in a polite way.
Don’t be afraid to speak your mind in a rational manner. If you are doing the best you can do, give your boss facts on how valuable you are to the company and that you would appreciate a better treatment. Have the courage to speak up when you need to. Cowardly staying silent to avoid an awkward conversation will just allow your boss overpower you.