Candidates Phone Interviews

Today phone interviews are the most common first interview unless a candidate is already in the city. Due to the highly specific needs of many positions, companies are conducting global talent searches to find the perfect match. First interviews over the telephone might seem intimidating for those who don’t love to talk on the phone, but they’re actually a great way to ensure you get a second interview without even putting on pants!

Our recommendations for candidates to nail their phone interviews?

Be hands-free! Use a pair of quality headphones during your phone interview. This will leave you hands-free to take notes or quickly Google the name of a project your interviewer just let slip. You’ll be more at ease and won’t accidentally hang up on the call (this has happened!)

Prepare notes ahead of time. Phone interviews are a walk in the park for preparation – you can prepare a list of experiences to bring up and check them off as you go along without the nerve racking preparation of reciting and remembering of a face-to- face interview.

Make sure you have a good connection. Use a landline, Skype, or do a test call with a friend to make sure you have five-bar service before beginning.