What are your future plans and future career goals?

The quickest and best way to find out information about a candidate for a company is during the interview. Most likely employers will question you on your career plans and future goals. This means that a job seeking person needs to have an idea how to answer these questions even if it is not 100% decided.

What are your future plans?
When an employer asks you this question, they want to determine two important things: What are your career goals? And more importantly how will the prospective job fit these goals?
A good way to respond to questions on long term career goals is to convey that you feel a level of stability in your professional and personal life and that you would like to grow with the organization.
So, you should demonstrate clear purpose, determination and commitment to your own career goals by showing that you make plans ahead of time.
Furthermore, you can explain how these elements fit into the specific job you are applying to – The employer wants to understand how you see the company fits to your future plans.

Serious employees
Employers prefer to hire people who make serious decisions on their career growth and professional development as it would benefit the company likewise – People with clear vision are most likely to become the organization’s talents or the next leaders.
Since planning is a key quality in many jobs, portraying yourself as a self-determined, focused person who knows how to make things happen, may make your job easy and improves your chance of getting hired.
When presenting your plans for the future, your answer should demonstrate honesty, pragmatism and passion.