Hiring in Southeast Asia: Some Customs to Consider

The explosive economic growth in Southeast Asia shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As these countries reach their development goals we want to highlight a few cultural differences between the West and Asian cultures. As our clients grow and expand their businesses, we want to make sure they stay informed and prepared. In the ever-globalizing marketplace, we also want to make sure our clients have a good handle on a few of the major business culture differences they are likely to experience.

The three most difficult areas to manage for merging or international firms are:

Hierarchies, – Westen culture calls for a “we’re all in the same boat,” approach, whereas Asian cultures lean heavily on hierarchies and knowing your role.

Reprimanding staff – scolding staff happens much less often in Asian cultures, and when it does happen, it happens in private.

Privacy, – in western cultures, a work/life balance is sacred and often we don’t talk about our personal lives this is the contrary to Asian cultural models, where keeping secrets from colleagues is considered rude.

With a little research and some flex management these hiccups can be avoided by firms. And if there is little experience this type of management, Energy Power Lab is here with more than ten years of multinational experience building teams from all over the globe to guide our clients in their hunt for the perfect job match.