Not hearing back from job applications? How to polish your CV in 5 minutes

Applying over and over again for jobs that you are completely qualified for, only to not hear back 90% of the time can be incredibly disheartening, but in such a competitive and fast moving industry such as ours it is something that we all have to go through at some point during our careers.

Little did you know, the solution to this problem may be a lot simpler than you thought.

Today at EnergyPowerLab we are going to let you in on some 5-minute upgrades you can make to a tired, unsuccessful CV to help you on the way to the career success you deserve.

CV quick-fixes

The first and most important thing that you should do to any CV is to read it through to see that everything makes sense, and to check your grammar! Most hiring managers will disregard even the most qualified resumé because of typos or grammatical errors. It is unprofessional and displays a lack of attention to detail – an extremely important quality that is at the top of the list of every employer in our industry. Somebody who cannot spot errors in their own CV would certainly not make a good data analyst or technician!

Another tip that will also help you in reducing potential errors, along with making your CV more palatable to recruiters is too make sure that it is not too long, and certainly not too wordy. Employers will normally spend less then ten seconds reading through each CV, so it is essential that the most important information is clear and easy to locate. This information would include previous job titles ad companies you have worked at, how long these positions were held for, and your education.

These simple steps will make all the difference when it comes to applying, and will ensure your CV stands out amongst the hundreds that each recruiter is likely to receive for every position. Perhaps what has been holding you back isn’t so perplexing after all!