This week: Ofgem Wind Tender in the UK

Monday the 10 th of October Ofgem will begin the fifth tender round for five links to the grid for offshore wind farms. Wind farms, including Dudgeon will be bid on by companies to become the OFTOs (offshore transmission owners). Dudgeon, for example is being developed by Statoil, Statkraft, Masdar Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co. The senior partner of networks at Ofgem, Jonathan Brearley said in a statement, “Since the launch of the OFTO regime, the first three tendering rounds have delivered 700 million pounds in savings and have attracted over 3 billion pounds in investment value. By providing the opportunity for investors to now participate in the tendering of over £2 billion in assets in the next round, it should ensure the delivery of further value for consumers and contribute to reducing the overall cost of offshore wind.”

The other contracts that will be awarded during the tender will be fore the Galloper, Race Bank, Rampion, and Waleny Extension wind farms. Combined the offshore wind farms will have a capacity of 2.3 GW.

The bids will be from companies looking to own and run links to the sites during a twenty- year period. This round follows the announcement earlier this month of a five-bidder short list for the £230 million transmission link for the Burbo Bank Extension offshore windfarm.