You’re an Energy Professional in a High-Demand Field – So How Come You’re Looking for a Job?

The skills gap in the energy industry is enormous but as we’ve seen it’s about filling with the right match. Transitioning from other sectors can be complicated, and poaching from the government only gets private companies so far. If you’re an energy professional but coming up empty in your job hunt, chances are you’re either not applying for the right position, or you’re not highlighting your past experiences in a way that is attracting the eye of HR managers.

Because of this gap, one of the most common solutions for HR managers is to focus on transitional skills. Energy professionals who are applying for jobs that don’t quite follow their career trajectory are likely to get a foot in the door simply because of the need for qualified professionals.

The key is to stress how your prior experiences have prepared you for the new position. Considering the figures above, that 80% of technical workforce positions in the energy field are being held by people who don’t even match the skillset, tailoring your resume and work experience to transition into your new role is key. If you can show that your experience and talent match the job description you’ll have no problem getting a role.

But what about if you’ve been in oil and gas and are looking to move to wind? Aside from a few certification programs you can conquer via night courses, you should have little to no trouble finding a position if you do the following:

  • Draw direct connections between your projects in O&G to your future projects in Wind. How will your experience help you innovate?
  • Tailor your cover letter to highlight the fundamental skills you may have, like your engineering degree and subsequent work on projects
  • Get in contact with a recruiter to discuss your career plan and create a pathway to your dream career, giving your formation and goals.

We at EnergyPowerLab are dedicated to finding perfect fits for our candidates on the job hunt. Specializing in the energy industry for almost ten years, we are here to support you throughout the recruiting and hiring process.